Kwirky Cooking is a place for an adventure. It’s a place where I can open the doors to my Kitchen, and the Windows of my mind. A place I can share thing’s I have created.  Yummy Things, Random Things, Foreign Things, And most definitely – Kwirky Things.

Kwirky Cooking – is a hub for all things Life, Love, And Cooking. You will find recipes, stories, random memories, and of course just moments from my life – as a wife.

My hope is that Kwirky Cooking (And my Recipes, Posts, and Kwirky Shenanigans) begins to be the place you come to when you’re looking for some inspiration – weather it be to create, to cook, to dream, to live, or just… to be!

“I am inspired to inspire the un-inspired.”

Where did KwirkyCooking begin, and what inspired me? Well – I would suggest reading