Who Am I?! Well…. First thing’s first. I’m Khaili. Now, do you know how that’s pronounced? :)
Probably not….My parents made up the spelling. Usually people say Ka-ha-lee. Or Kaileigh. Or Ka-la-li.

Its none of those.

Khaili = Kylie

Simply, Me in 10 points:

  1. I Love Jesus
  2. I’m Married to my best friend
  3. I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a smiler
  4. I am a leader at my church – I run the media team, and write/direct the productions. Then I get to love on and teach the little kiddies in Sunday school.
  5. I Sing and Act,…..when I’m not writing or cooking :)
  6. I’m a dreamer – and a child at heart. (And most of the time in life too!)
  7. I have a beautiful Siberian husky named Lexy – Who we call our Dogter.
  8. I am a Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Brother’s, Husband’s – girl. (My family are my everything)
  9. I grew up in England – Moved to Canada when I was 17. (To be with my now husband,..I know, romantic right?! Good job it worked out!)
  10. I make up words. And I love to rhyme.